Factor Consider While Selecting Dr Log Splitter Online

One of the biggest aspects of the pre-winter tradition us cutting up of logs for the long and harsh cold season that lies in front. But we live in modern times where the main objective is to get as much wood as possible within a short period of time. And because of that demand, axes, wood cutters and sledgehammers don’t quite make the cut. Not only that, it is not advisable for the elderly to work with such tools.

And this is why log splitters are in such a high demand in the market these days. They are basically mechanical axes that don’t require any human interference to make them work. And to top all of that off, they are available for purchase in a lot of online retails. But there are a lot of things you need to consider when buying a log splitter online. Here are some of them:

  • Tonnageelectric log splitter
  • Cycle Time
  • Splitter Position
  • Hydraulic or Electric

Tonnage of Log splitter

So what exactly is the tonnage of a log splitter? Well to be fair, it is exactly as the name suggests. It is the total amount of power or strength that the motor can exert by it on the log that you are trying to split. This obviously means that larger the tonnage is, better is the machine. And having better horsepower is always a much-needed feature in any log splitter considering the fact that the logs needed to be split up are usually so thick and hard. The more HP your splitter has, the more efficiently you can mow down your logs.

Cycle Time Of Log splitter

wood splitterAs you probably know, all log splitters come with a hydraulic pump inside of them. This is the source of energy for the splitter, and obviously, it cannot run forever. Cycle time is basically the total amount of time required by the pump to reset back. You can obviously understand that the shorter this cycle time, better is the log splitter. This is because you will be able to split a larger number of logs in a certain period of time.

Splitter Position Of Dr Log Splitter

Usually, a wood splitter can be operated in both a horizontal and vertical manner. The position of the splitter affects the ease of use. if you know more about dr log splitter then check out http://www.log-splitters-reviews.com/dr-log-splitter/ which help you to suggest best quality log splitter. Most users prefer a vertical wood splitter since it does not involve lifting up the logs to the splitter. But the thing about horizontal splitters is that they usually have a greater tonnage than vertical ones. You will also find dual operational splitters.

Hydraulic/Electric Dr Log Splitter

As the name suggests, an electric wood splitter is powered completely by electricity. All electric splitters are horizontally operated. There are no available electric vertical splitters in the market. Hydraulic splitters, on the other hand, are gas-powered in nature. The outdoor power of these splitters is higher compared to that of the electric splitters. Electric splitters, however, are very small and are hence easily portable in nature. So, if power is not a problem, you can always go for an electric splitter for yourself.if you know more about best quality log splitter then check out this article http://www.log-splitters-reviews.com/ which help you to choose top rated log splitter ever.