Difference Between Golf Putter And Fairway Wood

Golf putter and fairway wood are the two different types of equipment and cause of their design and looks; it seems similar to each other, but it has several differences. Understanding the difference between best putter in golf and fairway wood is very important especially for the beginners because before playing any of the sport, you must have the complete knowledge about that game including their features and types as well. As we know, information always lead us to the success, so if you have knowledge about the equipment and functionality of the golf, you can easily understand the technique and tricks to play it. Several people asked me the same question about differences between the fairway wood and golf putter. So, let’s find out the difference between both of this equipment. Shall we go?fairway-wood
Fairway Wood: This type of the device used to play the game in the fairway or rough golf course. This fairway wood can have metal and wooden driver head. Most of the professional golfers prefer to use such type of the golf head to play the golf on the jagged area.

Features of the fairway wood:

•    Fairway woods come with the metal head and wooden head as well.
•    It designed with the patented gravity core.
•    It is very handy and also comes along with the mobility.golf putter
•    It also includes several safety features as well that allow you to play the game without any hassle.
•    The design of the golf head is also very classy, and some of the models also come with the golf bag too.
•    It designed with the durable material so it can work for a long period.
•    Some of the fairway wood models also hold adjustable features to add more flexibility.
Golf Putter: Golf putter is a golf club that used while playing the golf. Mostly, players used it to take low-speed and short strokes. It is an ideal golf head that is specially made to hit short distance strikes. Golf players especially beginners can take huge benefits from the golf putter.
Features Of The Golf Putter
•    It has great power instability and also comes with the play convertibility as well.
•    These putters also include high-tech putters, belly putters, long putters. They may have different types but have the same functionality.
•    It is also very durable and flexible.
•    It also allows you to swing the strike with flexibility.
•    Golf putter comes with the large diameter grip size.
•    It also comes with the cover as well.
Now, you have come to know the difference between both of the golf putters and fairway wood. So take a right decision of buying golf putter or fairway wood.